What to watch this weekend for in the ‘Supernatural’ revival

It’s official: the Supernatural revival is coming to television!

With season 10 of the popular show already underway, it’s safe to say we’ll see a lot of new faces, new adventures, and a whole lot of magic.

Let’s take a look at the cast, a preview of what’s to come, and some of the big plot twists to come!

What we’ve learned about the Supernaturally revival So far, the cast is: Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Dylan): The series is set in the 1980s, and she is joined by a bunch of old friends and foes that will eventually form a new cast of characters.

Will they be able to stop a supernatural plague?

Will they have a second chance at saving the world?

Will Dean’s dad (Sam) and Castiel (David Tennant) make it out alive?

(We’ve seen glimpses of both, but no word on a season 7 return for Tennant.)

Jensen Ackles (Dean): The former showrunner is set to play a new character in season 10, called The Keeper.

Ackles plays a doctor with a secret past who helps Sam and Dean in their quest to save the world.

(We don’t know if he’ll get to play any more in season 11.)

Melissa Benoist (Melissa): A recurring character in the series, Benoism will be playing a new antagonist in season 9.

Benoists is known for her portrayal of the villainous Madeline, who in season 7 was the one who was going to kill Dean and Sam, but the latter decided to go undercover as a nun and help her escape from the church.

(The show will continue to use her name in some way, but it’s unclear if it’ll continue to refer to her as Madeline or not.)

Jensen Kripke (Dean) and Jensen Ackle (Sam): The two actors who play Sam and Jensen in season 8 are back together in the season 10 premiere, and we know they’re back together again for season 11.

It’s possible that they’ll return for another season of Supernatural, although we don’t yet know if that will involve playing the same role.

The cast also includes: Dean Thomas (Sam Winchester): Sam is a new recruit to the Winchester family.

He’s going to help them stop the zombie outbreak.

He also will have a new love interest: Mary (Kathryn Hahn).

(The character of Sam has been referenced in several episodes of Supergirl, so we can’t rule out that she will play a recurring role in the upcoming season.)

Castiel James (Jensen Ackles): The new Winchester brother is the father of Sam and Mary.

He was killed in a car accident in the premiere.

(He will be in the new season, but he won’t be involved in any of the supernatural stuff that happened in the previous season.)

Sarah Wayne Callies (Mary Winchester): A new member of the team, Sarah is one of the main characters of the show.

She’s a newbie, a student, and has to learn how to work as a detective.

(This season will also focus on the supernatural elements of the Winchester clan.)

Emily Bett Rickards (Dean’s wife): The sister of Sam’s father.

She is the leader of the newly formed team.

Emily has a daughter named Emma.

Emily will also play a younger sister in the show’s revival.

Sam’s dad, Mr. Winchester, will be a character from the old days.

He is not in the episode “The Book of Eli” and doesn’t appear in the final episode.

Castiel’s dad is still alive and well, so he will not be in this season’s revival, but Castiel will definitely be in a major role.

Dean’s older brother, Castiel, is not present in this revival.

He will not make a return in the future.

Jensen Acklin (Dean Winchester): The older brother of Sam.

He makes his debut in the Season 9 finale.

Jensen will be the main character of this revival, although he won, and he will appear in a few episodes of the upcoming seasons.

Castie Cameron (Mary): The first female member of Sam, Mary is a teacher, and Dean’s younger sister.

She will be part of the new team.

She’ll also be part the team’s “bounty hunter” hunt.

Sam and Castie will be reunited for a final time in the revival, and it will be interesting to see how their relationship plays out.

Mary’s mom is also present, and her sister will play an important role in season 12.

Melissa McBride (Jared): The daughter of Sam Winchester’s father, Jared is also a teacher.

She has a crush on Dean.

She also has a brother, Dean’s brother, and will be introduced to him in season 13.

Emily Bett Emmons (Mary’s sister):


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