Tesla, Panasonic unveil $1,000-per-day laser car wash service

Tesla, the US-based electric car maker, has unveiled its own laser car-wash machine, the Speedy Car Wash, which will be available to customers in April.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter the new service would be available in the US starting on April 14, but he declined to specify a time.

“It will be $1 per day, $100 per day for the whole of April.

But if you go to our site today and try to buy it, you’ll find that it’s sold out already,” Musk wrote.

The new service will have two features: a laser gun, which is the same one used in laser-equipped cars, and a remote control that allows customers to use their phone to make a reservation.

It also has an “all-you-can-eat” buffet with food and drink for $1.99, plus $100 for each item.

Customers can use a phone app to order the Speasy Car Wash.

“You’ll be able to order your car wash right in the app,” Musk said in a video announcing the service.

“We’re going to be using some new technology to make it really easy.”

The Speedy will be made in the U.S. by Panasonic.

Tesla did not say how many units would be made, but said it was “building the whole thing” in the state of California.

Tesla said the Speasty was the first to offer a laser car washing service, and said the company is also working on a new product that it hopes to introduce later this year.

Tesla’s announcement follows announcements last week that the company will be expanding its US manufacturing footprint with the launch of its next vehicle, the Model 3, which starts at $35,000.


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