When the suds go up, the cops need to take notice

When you’re a car wash, you don’t need to worry about having to pay the bill.

That’s because it’s your job.

And that means your car will have to go to the highest bidder.

But there are still some important rules to follow when it comes to your car.


If you need a car, get a new one right away.

A new car is expensive, and getting a new car means a new bill.

But if you’re lucky enough to be in a city with lots of good parking, you can get a cheaper car for $400-$600.

And you can also get a used car for the same price.

And if you really want to go for the gold, you should definitely get a car that has been sitting in the lot for years.

You can usually find a used Toyota Camry for under $200.


Be sure to keep your new car at the shop for a few months to ensure it gets new tires and other repairs.

Most car wash shops will give you a refund for tires that are no longer needed.

And they’ll also give you free service if your car doesn’t meet their minimum standards for repairs.


If your car needs a few new parts, get them all before you buy.

Most stores have a variety of new parts that are cheaper than what you can find at the dealership.

They’ll also sell you spare parts for your car if you want to buy more than what they have.

The best thing to do is shop at the local carwash and get a few of your favorite parts for less than you can buy at the store.

And don’t forget that the cost of parts can go up dramatically if you take them to a car dealership.


Always keep your car on the road, even if you think it looks like it needs to go somewhere else.

You don’t want it to get in the way of the traffic or in your way when you’re driving.

The safest way to keep a car on track is to keep it on the street and leave it there, even though it might have a few bumps and bruises.

When you put your car in a garage, you’ll want to keep the hood off of it so that it doesn’t get stuck in the parking lot or get hit by a car.

And never leave it unattended in a parking lot.

You want it in a spot where it can be seen by other drivers and the police will be able to come and check it out.


Always carry your license and insurance card with you.

Even if you don, if you get a call about a theft, report it to the police immediately.

You’ll need to have the license and a copy of your insurance card so that the police can verify that you’re the owner.

And even if your insurance company doesn’t have the information, you still need to be able it the insurance card when the police arrive.


Always be careful when it’s cold outside.

The cold can make the car smell, so always bring some gloves and a hat and protect yourself.

If it’s raining outside, it’s best to put on a hat.

And when the temperature is freezing or the wind is blowing, it may be best to bring your coat.


It’s not your job to tell the cops when you leave.

It can be helpful to keep an eye on the car so that they can tell when it needs a new front license plate or if it needs the windshield wipers replaced.

And always keep a journal of the events that happen while you’re parked.

It will help you keep track of any problems that happen to your vehicle and make it easier to fix them later.


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