The most ridiculous stories of the year

A story about a car wash in Winnipeg that’s been shut down by city officials is being called a joke by the owner of the business.

The owner of The Whitewater Car Wash, who wants to remain anonymous, says the city has been trying to shut it down for a long time.

“I mean, they have been calling us here for years, and we have been telling them that we are not doing this in Winnipeg.

And the response of the city is, ‘Oh, we don’t understand, what you do is not a business.

It is not business like that, you are not allowed to do that in Winnipeg.'”

The owner says that despite the calls for closure, the company has continued to operate, despite a temporary ban on the city of Winnipeg from allowing businesses to operate in the city.

The owner is now worried that his business is going to be closed.

“It has been around for a while, and it has been there, and the city that we live in, they know how to shut down the car wash.

They have shut down a lot of other businesses in Winnipeg over the years, they shut down our local pub, they had our city hall shut down, they closed the city office,” he said.”

So, to me, it just seems that they are trying to do it for a political reason.

It doesn’t make sense.

So, it’s just sad.”

The owner, who does not want his name published for fear of retribution from the city, says he is also concerned about the safety of his employees.

“There are so many of us, and if something like this happens, it will be very traumatic for us, because I know how hard our job is,” he told CBC News.

“We have been there for so long, we know how it is to work in this city, so to be shut down so quickly and for such a long period of time, it makes me a little worried.”

The owners claim the city only bans businesses from operating in Winnipeg because of a $2.3 million deficit in the local government account.

The city’s deputy chief financial officer said in a statement that there is no legal basis for the ban, and that the ban was in place due to the city’s need to maintain a balance between its budgets.

“The Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) and other law enforcement agencies are responsible for the safety and security of the public and property.

This is not an issue of public safety, and therefore no enforcement action has been taken against The Whitewashed Car Wash,” the statement said.

The statement added that it is currently investigating the allegations and would take appropriate action if appropriate.


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