How to get to the top of Viking Tower

By Josh Liskiewitz and James PalmerAUSTIN — AUSTIN, Texas — It was a beautiful day in Texas, the kind of day when the sun shines and the stars shine.

It was also the perfect day to be a spectator.

The day was the first day of the first weekend of the Texas Championship Motorcycle Rally on Friday and Saturday.

The top two riders in each category had a race starting time of 2:00 p.m.


Riders from the top 10 of the three events — the 1,500-mile Texas Championship, the 1.5-mile Twin Cities Challenge and the 500-mile Superstock 500 — gathered in the middle of the road and waited for the race to begin.

It was a big day for the Texas championship.

The first Saturday race in the race series in its 35-year history, it was the top two in each event.

Troy Jones, a 20-year veteran of the series, started in the 1st place Superstock car wash.

He won by less than 20 seconds, then got by the fastest man in the world, Scott Wilson, who finished third by less.

Jones said he was a little disappointed not to be able to finish.

But he said he felt good about the start, especially with all the media attention.

After a short wait for the start of the Twin Cities, Jones got past Wilson and into the Twin City 500.

He was up front and Wilson was on the outside.

Jones was going to take a little more than a minute to get in the starting line, so he said Wilson didn’t have much of a chance.

Wilson took advantage of Jones’ slow start and ran away with the win.

He also finished fourth in the Twin Cars, a series of 500- and 600-mile races, the Twin States 500 being the top event in the series.

A third weekend in the same series was also held in Texas.

A top two rider, Tom Sorensen, made it to the front of the field.

He finished third in the Superstock race and was second in the 500.

It’s the first time in the tournament that two top three riders have finished the race together.

Sorensend is coming off a race victory at Twin Cities last weekend, winning by less then 2 minutes.

He said the start to the Superstock 500 was fast, but the finish was slow.

He had a lot of fun.

He is a competitor.

We were all very happy.

It felt good to be in the position that we were in, he said.

When the race started Saturday morning, a crowd of about 10,000 spectators lined the track and filled the air with sound.

There were two hundred spectators in the parking lot.

They watched from the stands.

People in the crowd were excited about what they saw on TV.

They said they were going to see the race.

I’m so proud to be an Austinite, said one fan, Chris.

It just feels like a family, he added.

I’m proud of my hometown, I’m really proud to have the city of Austin.

I’ve been here a long time, and I just wanted to see a good show, he explained.

Austin is also home to the Texas Motorcycle Racing Association.

The association runs two events this year: the Super Stocks and Super Stock 500.

Both of the races are held at Austin’s Olympic Stadium.

The Super Stalls and Super Sticks are the two big races of the weekend.

They are three-and-a-half hours of racing.

Texas has about 200 races a year.

The Super Stands and Super Sumos are the three other events.

The Texas Sumos run from March through April and the Super Stock Sumos from May through August.

Each race has a top four rider in each class.

The Twin Cities and Superstocks are two races that are a little bit different because they are held in different locations.

The Grand Prix is held in the Olympic Stadium, but it is a race that goes on in a stadium in Austin, not in the Grand Prairie area.

Last year, the Texas Sumo race had the fastest lap time in its history.

The winner of that race, Jason Williams, won the Grand Prix.

For the Super Sumo, the top four finishers from each event qualify for the Superstars, the four-year championship race.

That means the top five finishers will earn the title.

In the Superstar race, the two fastest finishers in each of the categories advance to the Grand Sumo.

There are a lot more Grand Sumos.

The three other races are the Super Stars and Super Stars.


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