A new canopy carwash is opening up in downtown Seattle!

The first canopy car washing in the US opened up in Seattle, Washington. 

It was part of the Car Wash Project, an initiative that seeks to provide affordable, accessible, and ecologically responsible alternatives to car-washing operations. 

“The car wash we’re doing is very similar to the car wash that was used for many years in Japan,” explained Car Wash project lead and co-founder, Makoto Takahashi. 

Takahashi’s experience with the Japanese-style car wash is well known. 

In 2012, Takahisa began working with the nonprofit Car Wash to create a canopy car-wash in Japan. 

Since then, Takahsashi has worked with various car wash chains in Japan to improve the efficiency of the Japanese system. 

Now, the car-washing facility in Seattle is open to the public. 

Its name, the Carwash Project, translates to “the city with the canopy.” 

It also translates to the “city where the trees are.” 

“It is really a very good way to show the benefits of a canopy, and it is also really convenient for our clients,” Takahas said. 

He explained that the process of putting up a canopy is fairly simple. 

All that’s required is a piece of wood, a small sheet of plywood, and a piece or two of styrofoam. 

The styrofamic material is the same that is used to make plastic, which Takahasu says is a good material to use for this type of project. 

According to Takahashis co-author and Car Wash program manager, Atsushi Hirano, “This is a very eco-friendly and sustainable way to clean the building.” 

They also found that the structure and roof of the building, which were also painted a different shade of green, also helps the canopy carwasher stay in place. 

There are many benefits to using this type a canopy. 

One of the benefits is that the canopy can help reduce the amount of trash that ends up in the ground. 

Additionally, Takasahas project found that a canopy can reduce the risk of fires. 

While the carwash in Seattle has been in operation for just over a year, Takashas team is working to expand the facility in the coming months. 

They are also planning to expand into a smaller space and eventually expand to all of Seattle. 

So what are your thoughts on this canopy carwashing project? 

Do you have any tips for the future of canopy carwashes? 

Leave your comments below!


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