How Brentwood’s car wash saved a dog

Brentwood, California (NBC News) – It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and the sky is clear and clear.

It’s time for the local animal rescue group, the Brentwood Animal Shelter, to be open.

It’s time to get up in front of your neighbors, to get your dog to the front door, to bring them home, and to help them get through the cold and the rain.

The Brentwood Pet Food Pantry has been serving a vital community by providing emergency food and water for pets since December 2013.

The pantry, with a staff of four, serves a growing number of homeless pets and their owners, the shelter’s founder and CEO, Amanda Fisch said.

We do our best to get the food, water, and shelter we need, Fisch told NBC News.

“And that’s the hardest part.

You don’t know what will happen.

And it’s a lot harder to do when you’re in the middle of nowhere.”

Fisch and her husband, Matt, decided to get into animal rescue work to provide food and help pets, too.

They have a dog named “Jazzy,” and she is the only one of their six dogs who lives at home.

Fisch said that when she first met Jazzy, she was very scared.

“She was like, ‘What is going on?

Why are they so mean?’

I had to help her out, and I guess that’s what happened.”

Fisher, who is also a veterinarian, began working with animals when she was 19 and quickly realized that she could not help all of them.

“I started to see that people need help, but not enough,” Fisher said.

She has now become the lead volunteer for Brentwood Pets, and the organization’s goal is to have enough volunteers to do all of the shelter-provided food and shelter.

“We have a lot of animals, and we need volunteers, but the most important thing is, we need the people that are able to help,” Fisch explained.

“We’re a very small, very tight-knit community, and sometimes it takes some people who are not familiar with these things to help.”

She said she and her team try to stay on top of animal rescue and shelter needs, even when the organization doesn’t have a full-time staff.

They are not just providing food and supplies, they are also helping to coordinate transportation and shelter-related needs for the animals, Fisher said, adding that she tries to “stay out of the way of animals and people.”

Brentwood is in the foothills of the Mojave Desert, which is not exactly the most hospitable environment for pets.

But Fisch and the Brentwoods staff have been able to meet their mission because of their dedication and work ethic.

“When you look at it from a volunteer perspective, the biggest difference is our work ethic,” she said.

“It’s about the animals.”

Fischer said that Brentwood is not the only community that is looking for a way to help.

“A lot of these communities have these amazing people who come to our rescue and are incredibly dedicated and willing to help people,” she explained.

In recent years, Fisher has found ways to get more people involved in animal rescue.

“There’s a whole network of volunteer groups and people that have been kind of following this, and it’s amazing to see,” she told NBC.

“So much of our work is about finding volunteers, and if you can find a volunteer group, you can really help other animals, especially pets.”

Fishers hopes that by sharing her story and the stories of other animal rescue organizations, the story of Brentwood will be made more accessible.

“People are kind of like, we don’t have enough people to care about animals, so I thought it would be great to just share this with the public,” she joked.


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