Bellagio Car Wash to open in Bellagios Park

Bellagioti will open in 2018 with a fully-equipped bar, a fully stocked restaurant and a car wash.

Owner Tony DeMaria said the business is a continuation of the Bellagione brand and plans to open a second location on the same block in the near future.

“The location in Bellago was a little bit too far away,” DeMaria told News1130.

“So we came up with a location in the heart of Bellagiones beautiful parks.

So we have a whole new experience for the patrons.”

Mr DeMaria was inspired to open the Bellago Car Wash after watching his brother, an avid roller derby fan, visit the city.

“He would go to Bellagias park and see his favourite players, and he would say, ‘I’d love to have that in Bellagon’,” he said.

“We’ve got a lot of players who are locals and we have great food, we have good bartenders and a really good selection of products.”

Mr deMaria said he was looking forward to welcoming new patrons to the neighbourhood, which he described as a “mildly rustic area”.

“We want to make sure that people are welcome and they have the best experience possible when they come here,” he said.

“Bellagio’s first bar opened in 2018, with a full bar, an indoor seating area and a fully equipped bar.

It closed in 2018.

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