When a car wash was called for, Sam’s Car Wash stepped in to help the victims

Sam’s car washing business was the first to respond when a man was robbed at gunpoint inside a home in South Florida.

On Tuesday, the business became the first business in the country to donate money to the victim of a shooting.

“We got there in about 10 minutes,” said Sam, whose company, Sams Car Wash, opened in March.

“We went in there and were able to get him out.

I was able to do a lot of things that normally I could’t do.

I had to go up to his window, talk to him, talk about the car, get him to get a new one.

I’m just a very compassionate person.

I wanted to help.”

Sam’s Car Washing is the first company in the U.S. to donate $100,000 to help with a crime victim, a local ABC affiliate reported.

It also was the third car wash to donate to a shooting victim.

Sams Car Washes was founded in 1986 in Orlando, Florida.

It operates at the corner of Old Orchard and North Main streets.

Sam’s car was stolen in November and was later found near a store in North Miami Beach.

The car was later returned to Sams after a woman who knew the victim and his family reported it missing.

The victim said he was at a gas station and a woman told him the car had been stolen and a man had tried to run over him.

Sams car was found in an abandoned home, the victim told ABC News.

Sam said he has always been a family man.

“I’m a very, very loving person.

When you hear a lot about people being murdered or hurting people, I just feel that’s so horrible,” he said.

“I think that’s why I decided to take this job.

I feel that my heart is there.

I can help people.”

Sams has been working to make a difference in South Beach for the past three years.

On April 18, the company announced that it would donate $1 million to help fund scholarships for victims of violent crimes.

The funds will go to victims and their families.

“In every community that we’ve ever been in, we’ve always gotten a lot from the community,” Sam said.


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