Splash car wash 1975

After a year of remodeling and a little extra cash, a group of madison, WI car wash workers finally finished renovating their place.

It was a labor of love, with a lot of help from the city of madisons owner, Jimmie Stiles.

The first thing he did was make the wash area more accessible for patrons.

The rest of the work was done on a shoestring budget, thanks to the generosity of the city.

Stiles and his wife, Nancy, took on the job after their daughter, Barbara, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease.

Barbara died last year.

The Stiless have a son and two daughters, and they’re working to build on the business by building new amenities and making it accessible to people who otherwise might not have been able to afford the services.

The car wash’s name was inspired by the famous Splash carwash in Hollywood, California, which was an old-fashioned car wash that had become a popular spot for people who wanted a quick and dirty fix.

That business opened up and changed the landscape of car wash culture in the US.

It wasn’t long before the Stileses opened a second car wash in Madison, WI, and now they’re opening their third in Madison as well.

But the original Splash car Wash is still a popular place for car enthusiasts to go to, with its big old wash room and a full-service bar, where you can have a beer and a glass of wine with your car wash experience. 

The Stiles’ car wash is the only one in the state of Wisconsin.

They opened in February of 2018, but were still in the process of remodel when the time came for the new renovations. 

It took three years to build, and the Stices got their permit for the project in late May.

The whole thing cost them about $50,000.

But they’re still working hard to pay for it. 

Jimmie and Nancy Stiles say the first thing they did was to make the Wash area more accessibility for patrons and the bar.

They made a big splash when they opened the first car wash to be open to the public, but the whole concept of Splash was still pretty new. 

After renovations, the Stiliess say they were able to offer more services like water and dry cleaning, plus a large parking lot with a few picnic tables and seating for the customers. 

In the past few years, there have been a lot more car wash and car wash related events in Madison. 

One of the most popular car wash events in the city is the car wash carnival, which is held in Madison and runs from late May through mid-October.

The event attracts about 2,000 car owners and is held at the end of a major street in Madison (which is a major drag), with people from all over the country and from around the world coming together to get together for fun and car repair.

“We love that the carnival has become such a part of our community,” Nancy Stairs says. 

Another car wash event is the Splash car washing competition, which runs from October 17 to November 15 in Madison each year.

This event has a lot to do with the cars that are used to wash in the Wash. 

And the Stills say the car owners come out in droves to get their cars cleaned, and it’s a big hit with people who are interested in having a clean car. 

We’re excited to be opening up the shop and have a full time job with Nancy Stables and her family.” “

It’s been a great experience to be a part a community that has given back to the community.

We’re excited to be opening up the shop and have a full time job with Nancy Stables and her family.” 

The owners say they have already sold out of the car washes and have been offered a full refund.

They also say they’ll be working on a new car wash. 

You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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