‘I’m a lesbian, I’m a bisexual, I am straight, I was bullied at school’: I’m ‘a lesbian, bisexual, trans, and a straight man’

I was a straight, middle-class, English-educated man, raised in a middle-classes, middle class, middle country family.

I was in a small town and had the good fortune of living near a school that had a gay-straight alliance.

My school had no policies against homosexuality, so my classmates and I went to school together as a unit, and we enjoyed lots of fun and games, especially in the afternoons when we were in the gym together.

The school’s gay-gay alliance policy was pretty lenient: you could call me “a little bit of a gay man” and the school would be pretty tolerant about it.

The LGBT community was not yet well-known in my town, and the term “lesbian” had not yet been coined.

However, in our school’s playground, the other boys would be laughing at me.

And there was one boy who was laughing at a girl in a skirt and a top, and he was making fun of me.

I didn’t know what to do, so I told him to stop.

I felt so ashamed, I just felt like I was going to lose the next day, I said to myself.

I’ve been there so many times now, I’ve made mistakes.

I am a bisexual man, and I’ve always been open about my sexuality.

When I was 11, I went on a trip to Disneyland, and one of the boys in the class, who was also gay, had invited me to stay overnight with him.

I remember going to the hotel room with him, thinking, “Oh my God, I should have just said no.

I shouldn’t have said no.”

But I didn- I felt a bit ashamed and wanted to keep my promise, I told myself.

And I remember being very nervous, but I just kept telling myself, “If I don’t say yes, they’ll go back to being gay.”

It was a very scary time, and at that point, I decided I would never be gay.

But I still felt a sense of guilt, and in retrospect, I realize that I had made a decision, I had given in to the pressures of being gay.

In my early 20s, I started going to LGBT bars, but there was still no LGBT-inclusive policies in my school.

I got a job at a local LGBT bar, and after a while, my colleagues started to look at me differently.

They said, “Why are you talking to these guys?”

I remember saying, “I’m gay.”

They asked me why I was being gay, and then I realized that I was telling them something that I hadn’t told them in my life.

I guess they were more concerned that I didn


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