Car Wash Coupons: How to Save $10,000 on your First Car Wash

Are you ready to take your car to the cleaners?

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably asking yourself, “How can I get a car wash coupon?”

The answer is: With this simple form you can get a Car Wash coupon for any Metro Car Wash at any of the stores you already frequent.

It’s super simple, and it’s a great way to save some cash when you’re on a budget.

To find your local car wash (or any other Metro Car wash) and sign up for a free car wash credit, click the link below:1.

Enter your zip code and click the blue “Apply Now” button.2.

Enter the name of the store you want to get a discount and click “Apply” to receive a free coupon.3.

Once you receive your free coupon, click “Sign Up” and you’ll be redirected to your cardholder profile.4.

Sign up for the card and you can enter the coupon code to receive your discount.5.

If you want, you can save a few bucks on your next car wash appointment by entering the coupon to receive the coupon for a $10 discount.

The next time you visit a Metro Carwash, click on the link on the top right and follow the instructions.

And if you’re not feeling like a carwash, check out these other great ways to save on car wash appointments:1.)

Save $50 on your first car wash with this handy coupon, which will save you $100 in one transaction.2.)

Save on your car wash on your birthday, anniversary, and on any special occasion.3.)

Save up to $300 on your Car Wash appointments by signing up for an automatic debit card.4.)

Sign up to get $5 off any car wash that you need.5.)

Get free carwash coupons at most participating Metro Car Washes.6.)

Find out what you can do with an automatic credit card.


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