Kids car wash is about to make a big comeback

By Simon Clark / Science EditorMarch 09, 2019 15:00:00The kids car wash and the kids carwash are coming back to Toronto.

They will reopen this summer.

The family owned business in the heart of the city’s east end will be closed.

It’s a big deal for the owners and employees, who say it’s a major loss.

The car wash opened in January 2016.

The business has been around since 1971.

Now, the owners are trying to keep it going.

It opened in the former Rosedale School for Boys and was recently renovated.

The kids and the adults have always been close.

The car washing started in 1974 when Jennifer and her husband, Jason, were making ends meet in a city that had very few car wash spaces. “

I think it’s great that they’re coming back.”

The car washing started in 1974 when Jennifer and her husband, Jason, were making ends meet in a city that had very few car wash spaces.

The couple sold their business and moved back to the East End.

The business was one of many that helped make the East Toronto neighbourhood a place people could call home.

The owners say they are lucky to have existed.

“We always had to do things to survive.

That’s one of the things we enjoyed about the business,” said Toth.

“That’s one reason why we’re so happy to be back.”

It was a tough time for the family.

They lost their son in a car accident a few years ago and lost a close friend.

They had to take a huge pay cut to make ends meet.

“I don’t know how I would have kept it going, but I’m glad to be able to do it again.

I hope that people who have gone through it are still there and are there to support the business.

It will help us,” Jennifer Tuth said.”

There are lots of different car wash shops in the area, but there are so many that have to close.

We had to open the new store in January because we were getting ready to close,” said Jason Toth of the old business.”

It’s sad because we have a lot of good memories there.

I miss that space a lot,” he added.


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